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Our services included For both Tube and Solid State Amplifiers where applicable:

- Basic re-tubing with new and old tubes

- Cleaning of all jacks and controls 

- Checking all tube sockets 

- Checking all transistors and Integrated circuit sockets  for spring tension and full continuity

- Checking of all signal paths down to the component level

- Charging old unused capacitors slowly checking tonal integrity      

(this also include full "cap-jobs" in preamp and power amp)

- Locating and reducing amplifier noise issues/noise floor

- Re-tolexing/repairs, handles cabinet feet, jack plates

and other cosmetic repairs

- Custom baffles made to swap 

- Custom tone shaping and voicing of most tube amplifiers

as well as tube swapping to further dial in your tone

- Full custom combo or Head tube amplifier builds upon request

Speaker Cabinets:

We do full speaker cabinet custom wiring, speaker recommendations and installations,  cosmetics, re-tolexing, hardwear replacement etc


FX pedals:

We repair pedals on a case by case basis

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